Easy Access

The project rests on the intersection between the Airport Road and the Amman Development Corridor (ADC). The first exit off the ADC is an exceptionally wide 30 meters, making it unique among access roads and facilitating smooth traffic flow compared to other roads in Amman. The township is designed for convenient proximity to all major areas and facilities in the Kingdom.

Time to reach important facilities :
  • 5 minutes or less : to reach Universities: (Middle East - Israa - Al Zaytouna) & IKEA
  • 10 minutes : to reach Queen Alia International Airport
  • 10 minutes : to reach Amman National Park & Amman Waves Water Park
  • 15 minutes : to reach 7th and 8th Circle roundabouts
  • 30 minutes : to reach Zarqa
  • 40 minutes : to reach Mafraq
  • 60 minutes : to reach Irbid

Prime Location in Amman’s Development

AlShahd City is in the area Amman’s governorate designated as part of its comprehensive urban expansion strategy. This extends the capital south towards the airport; and it includes all the infrastructure and services needed to support the Kingdom’s efforts such as international standard roads, bridges, tunnels, government institutions and so on.

Premium Housing Classification

Jordan’s Department of Lands and Survey approved the designation of AlShahd City villa plots as Housing B types, the first time such an area (750m2 per plot) is permitted in this region. The project allows owners an option of building a separate villa or two villas with large gardens.

The advantages of Housing B include a limited setback area (4 meters from the sides and 6 from the back) and up to 4 floors, giving residents ample opportunity to maximize the use of space. The type permitted here is among the best of the 9 residential categories that include: Housing A, Housing B, Housing C, Housing D, Public Housing, Green Housing, Private Housing and Rural Accommodation.

Commercial Plots Available

Investors may purchase 12 multi-use commercial plots located on the main street and directly accessible from the Amman Development Corridor, both roads of which provide access to the entire project as well as the surrounding area and highway traffic. Investors have a unique opportunity to introduce retail and office space in the commercial zone which constitutes only 4% of the project area; and will attract customers from the entire surrounding district.